Assists ACORD in expanding its insurance data standards and business processing solutions in Europe and internationally.

Allstate Insurance Companies
Developed and implemented a national grassroots alert on the Natural Disaster Protection Act.

The American Academy of Dermatology
Designed and implemented a three year grassroots organizing program for members of the Academy, including strategic planning for the government affairs department of the Academy and state societies. The effort included strategic planning, training, and design of communication materials.

The American Insurance Association
Conducted a study of the Illinois Workers Compensation administrative process.

Association of Bermuda Insurers and Reinsurers
Coordinated European contact program on solvency issues.

Barnert Publishing Corporation
Edited The Barnert Reports™ Global Edition, a publication focused on global insurance regulatory developments.

The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud
Organized and coordinated this coalition of insurance companies, consumer groups and government agencies to combat insurance fraud.

Eli Lilly
Developed materials for an employee grassroots effort on healthcare reforms.

The Group of North American Insurance Enterprises
Coordinates European and international activities of this coalition to influence accounting and solvency standards.

Kraft Foods
Conducted focus groups on grassroots participation and PAC participation leading to redesign of the political action program and developed the PAC solicitation program.

The National Association of Insurance Brokers
Developed several options for the development of an association grassroots program.

The National Conference of Insurance Legislators
Researched and prepared an analysis of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners' accreditation program for the NCOIL Special Committee on Solvency.

The Natural Disaster Coalition
Developed and maintained a national grassroots network of supporters of the Natural Disasters Act. Coordinated contact with Members of Congress by Coalition members in support of the Act. Our efforts led to securing over 150 co-sponsors for the legislation.

Principal Financial Group
Conducted total quality management training for the government affairs department.

The Public Affairs Council
Conducted several training programs including benchmarking and outsourcing programs for the Center for Public Affairs Management.

The Quaker Oats Company
Developed plan for automation of the public affairs functions, including vendor review and selection.

The Reinsurance Association of America
Monitors European and international developments in insurance. Developed a Political Action Guide for members. Provided on-going legislative tracking program.

Safety-Kleen Corporation
Conducted benchmarking training program.

The United States Chamber
Designed the automation of the US Chamber's grassroots program. The program was implemented and was one of the most recognized programs in the country at the time.

YMCA of the USA
Conducted a benchmarking study of group employee benefit programs.